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Tax Solutions and Accounting Services

Whether you’re a self employed person or salaried employee, you need to submit tax returns at the end of every financial year. In UAE, there are quite a few type of taxes, and unless you’re a tax consultant, you aren’t going to understand the intricacies of the matter. If you have time and inclination, you can prepare your own income tax returns but you may make some mistakes that attract huge penalties. . Thus, it’s appreciable to hire a professional to submit your tax returns. Learn about many benefits that come with the hiring of professional tax consultant.

Save time:
It is always tempting to complete and file all your tax liabilities. However, it’s time consuming process. It’s stressful and if you have no previous experience, there is an increased risk of making serious errors. By the time you collate your tax information, check your deductions and try to spot any errors, you spend hours trying to meet ends. Contrastingly, a tax consultant can sort out everything quicker, faster and in more accurate manner. They’re experienced and know, what they need to do, and this minimizes the chances of making errors

Professional assistance:
When you hire a professional to complete your tax related work, rest assured that you’re going to get the best expert assistance and advice.They have an extensive experience in the industry and they make recommendation that often saves your money. An inexperienced person can not offffer such money-saving benefits. The expert will also field your doubts and questions and provide informative answers. And if you have complicated tax returns, in such situations, there is no substitute to a tax consultant. The expert examines all the data, organize it correctly, and makes your tax documentation ready for the submission. Due to strong familiarity with the system, the skill level of this expert makes the process easier.

Effective financial planning:
Any expenditure can be effectively planned out, utilizing the services of a tax consultant. Whether you’re planning to make significant changes to your business or planning to buy new car or a home, clear expenditure planning, based on the tax consultant’s advice, saves you a significant amount of money. It also keeps your tax liabilities as low as possible. We all understand that knowing the appropriate time to make the decision is just as important as knowing, what decision is to make. If you’re finding a tax consultant in Dubai, then VAT accounting is the perfect option. We are known to deliver innovative solutions and measurable results.
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Financial Regulation

Licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under licence number 138/11 in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

Insured Client Funds

We are a proud member of the Investor Compensation Fund which acts as a guarantor of last resort for our investors. IFC covers the maximum amount of 20.000 EUR for MiFID clients.

Segregated Accounts

Investor’s money is kept in segregated accounts with top-tier banks that cannot be claimed by creditors or used by us. Account base currencies are available in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF and JPY.

Negative Balance Protection

Through the use of an automated transaction monitoring and risk management system, a Consulting WP client’s account will never be allowed to reach negative balance.

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