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Forensic Audit Accounting Services Dubai UAE

What is forensic audit accounting service?: A forensic audit accounting service is an agency that investigates the instances related to financial frauds. The professionals engaged by these agencies are specially skilled at discovering and investigating all sorts of financial embezzlements and frauds. After gaining experience in auditing as a chartered accountant, their profile changes as a fraud examiners. After the transition, they use forensic methods to detect fund laundering via seemingly legitimate ways. Through analyzation of the financial data, they indicate fraud and gather their findings and evidences to provide testimonies for the internal investigation or for the court proceedings. Need of a forensic audit accounts service: They provide litigation support by means of accounting data. Their main tools include historical accounting, digital forensics and often, their own developed observational methods, with the help of which they assist in discovering and prosecuting financial crimes. Their services are also valuable when people or entities have to prove a point in the court of law or even when, a defendent has been erroneously charged. Many companies or individuals may have the requirements of investigating audits and these services have specialized skills in investigatory auditing. There are many benefits, when the people or the companies turn to the forensic accounting. mergers and acquisitions: A great deal of financial analysis is involved , when companies merge with or acquired by other. In case of equal merger, both the companies may want to examine the financial records of the other, with the purpose of discovering any possible financial fraud. In case if it’s one-sided sale, the acquiring company may wish to fully audit the financial records of the company they intend to purchase. In such scenarios, forensic accounting services are called in to determine that the accounting books are all in perfect order.
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Audit of the companies: Small irregularities may be overlooked or dismissed during standard audits. A forensic auditing company is determined to look the nature of these irregularities and uncover a fraud pattern. These companies have specific methods and goals, much different from the standard auditing system. They dive deeper to detect the weaknesses of the system that the company needs to address to avoid any future problems. Once on the job, the forensic audit firm looks into under-reported income, ghost or padded payroll accounts, excessive payments to creditors, unsubstantiated debts and many more connecting issues. Contract disputes: It is not uncommon that the parties avoid fulfilling their financial contractual obligations. The companies may attempt to underpay a co-owner, who deserves an even share. Forensic accounting companies are skilled at examining financial records and contractual documents to determine, exactly what is owed under the agreement. Why Aimstorm VAT Accounting?: Aimstorm VAT Accounting is a renowned forensic audit accounting service provider. We get to the bottom of the financial statements and audit records to unearth any fraud or wrongdoings. Our approach distinguishes us from other such service providers. Aimstorm VAT Accounting seek out the patterns and characteristics associated to the wrongdoings, and ensure that the interested party is fully informed.

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We are a proud member of the Investor Compensation Fund which acts as a guarantor of last resort for our investors. IFC covers the maximum amount of 20.000 EUR for MiFID clients.

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Investor’s money is kept in segregated accounts with top-tier banks that cannot be claimed by creditors or used by us. Account base currencies are available in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF and JPY.

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Through the use of an automated transaction monitoring and risk management system, a Consulting WP client’s account will never be allowed to reach negative balance.

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