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Excise Tax Registration

Any business in UAE that produces, imports or stocks excise goods or even intend to do so in near future is liable to pay Excise tax, after getting registered with the Federal Tax authorities. The excise goods include Tobacco and tobacco products (tax 100%), energy drinks (tax 100%), and carbonated drinks tax (50%). Hire professionals for Excise Tax Registration Services Dubai UAE.

Categories for Excise Tax

Even if you’re not a producer or importer of Excise goods, there are categories which needs to get registered for excise tax. If you’re a stockpiler of excise goods even before the introduction of the Federal excise Tax, or if you’re releasing excise goods from a designated zone and not registered for UAE excise tax, you require to pay the tax. Obviously, no taxable activities will be allowed to carry unless registered for excise tax.Any business involved in the excise goods activities (categories mentioned above) is required to register, however, an entity may be entitled for the exemption provided Federal Tax Authority (FTA) deems it acceptable that from designated zone, you’re not releasing excise goods on a regular basis.
Excise Tax Registration Services

Procedure for Registration

An entity, even if it possesses a tax registration number, still needs to get registered and in such condition, it will be issued a different TRN for UAE Excise tax. There can not be two TRNs for excise tax for one entity and there should be no duplication in the registration number and the concerned entity is accountable for this lapse, if it happens Federal Tax uthority (FTA) has provided the facility of online excise tax registration. The estimated time of registration for the excise registration is just 20 minutes. It’s advisable to click ‘save the draft’ every time, you put in any information as the input entries are not automatically saved. For data security purpose, you’ll be logged out automatically, if you’re inactive for 10 minutes or more. Once your application is approved, a TRN will be provided for excise tax purposes. The TRN will allow you to submit your online excise tax payment. Required documents Trade License(s) (if applicable). Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable). Customs number(s) issued by Customs department. Passport, Emirates ID of the manager, owner, and senior management.

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