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Entities needed to be register under the VAT law

If you’re a business owner or planning to establish a business in UAE, irrespective of whether the business is large, medium, or small, you need to get registered under the VAT laws. The registration category of the business entities depends on the generated income. To initiate the VAT registration solutions in UAE, one must online fill the VAT registration form and submit it along with the needed essential documents to get the VAT number. The entire process of submission takes place on an online platform.

VAT Registration Solutions in Dubai, UAE

In UAE, Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced in January 2018, at the rate of 5%. VAT plays a vital role in fiscal management at the federal level. It has impacted individuals and businesses in UAE. Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is the parent body managing and collecting federal taxes and related fines. Summarily, FTA works towards enhancing the financial stability of the country. VAT is a tedious process and you need to hire experts in VAT compliance. Engaging VAT registration service in UAE has multi-dimensional benefits. It cannot be just ignored if you’re running a business in UAE.

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Essential documents required for the registration

  • A copy of the trade license.
  • Passport copies of the business owner and the partners (If any).
  • Copies of the Emirates ID.
  • Copy of the memorandum of association (MOA).
  • Complete contact details of the company.
  • The income statement for the last 12 months.
  • Bank account details of all the persons concerned.
  • Nature of the business and the activities to be performed.,
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    Benefits of hiring a VAT registered company
    When you hire an expert company for VAT registration solutions in UAE, you stay focussed on the core part of your business. The VAT experts will handle all your VAT related issues successfully. When you invest in outsourcing the VAT registration service, you save a lot of time and money. When you hire a professional and trustworthy company, all your data and confidential information are processed by the experts in the best possible manner. Our professionals are certified by experts offering comprehensive services for businesses under VAT law. We also educate entities on the financial implications of Registration of VAT on the goods and services in Dubai, UAE. We suggest the measures be applied to mitigate the tax effects and assist you in the best way to ease your VAT registration process.

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