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Aimstorm VAT Accounting is the leading VAT consultancy service company in UAE. Our professional team of experts serves the consultants community, local and international clients in VAT consultancy. We offer VAT advisory services and VAT audit requirements in UAE. Besides, we offer VAT Registration, VAT consultancy services, VAT assessment services, and VAT implementation services in Dubai and other Emirates. The general VAT rule makes the supplier accountable for VAT. The closing price of any article is inclusive of VAT. We are always ready to execute VAT Compliance on your behalf, and help your business to abide by the VAT rules.

The complexity of VAT implication primarily depends upon the nature and the size of your business operation. Companies in contracting, developing and those entities involved in cross border transactions need to be better prepared, as compared to the businesses in other areas. The challenge before smaller companies is, to ensure proper VAT compliance set-up is maintained while larger ones needs to assess the impact on their contracts and revenues stream. We provide well-researched professional advise and efficient solutions

How Our Experts Help You

  • A detailed VAT assessment for your business.
  • Train your manpower to remain equipped for VAT requirements.
  • Suggest changes and amendments in your accounting system to make it VAT friendly.
  • Suggest the needed changes in your invoice structure to make it VAT compliant.
  • Educate you on the VAT rates, applicable to your business.
  • Expert advise on impact of VAT on your ongoing projects.
  • Suggestions on data management in order to be VAT compliant.
  • Any other suggestion/advise to make your business structure, more VAT friendly.

    VAT is applicable on almost all category goods and services, barring healthcare, education and food items. The initial tax slab is very nominal i.e. 5%. The end user will be ultimately affected by the new tax regime. Business establishments need to make changes in the process and procedures in the compliance with the legal requirements of the new tax. According to VAT laws, any business revenue limit crosses 375,000 AED, then registration is mandatory. But, if the company turnover exceeds 187,500 AED but is less than 375,000 AED, then the company has the options of voluntary registration. All businesses under the VAT ambit are required to fill online form, within the stipulated time required to being registered. According to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) – the regulatory authority – all business entities in UAE are needed to ensure the recording of their financial transactions. The ledgers and other financial documents must be updated. Any non-submission or delay in the submission of VAT invites fine and penalties.

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    Financial Regulation

    Licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under licence number 138/11 in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

    Insured Client Funds

    We are a proud member of the Investor Compensation Fund which acts as a guarantor of last resort for our investors. IFC covers the maximum amount of 20.000 EUR for MiFID clients.

    Segregated Accounts

    Investor’s money is kept in segregated accounts with top-tier banks that cannot be claimed by creditors or used by us. Account base currencies are available in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF and JPY.

    Negative Balance Protection

    Through the use of an automated transaction monitoring and risk management system, a Consulting WP client’s account will never be allowed to reach negative balance.

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