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In Dubai, business liquidations take a very long period. The process of liquidating a company can be difficult and time-consuming. Nevertheless, our skilled liquidators in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, can help you with the business liquidation and streamline all legal processes. A company gets liquidated in Dubai if it is insolvent and cannot afford to maintain its day-to-day operations or adequate earnings to break even. It is nearly a given that a corporation will go bankrupt if it commits a crime or a serious offense, such as fraud or breaching the law.

UAE’s Types of Liquidation


Voluntary Disposition

Mandatory Disposition

The shareholders are the ones who start a company’s voluntary liquidation. This is usually done when a business can no longer operate profitably, even while its assets are enough to cover its liabilities. The company’s assets are liquidated by Dubai Liquidation Services, who then give the proceeds to owners and creditors. To wind down their business in a planned fashion, corporations frequently decide to go through a voluntary liquidation.

In contrast, a UAE court can order a corporation to undergo compulsory liquidation. It usually happens when companies can’t pay their bills and can’t satisfy their financial responsibilities. Creditors or regulatory agencies may submit a court petition for forcible liquidation. The procedure is then overseen by a liquidator appointed by the court in Dubai. The allocation of surviving assets to shareholders and the priority of creditor claims are outlined in the UAE Commercial Companies Law.

Process of Company Liquidation in UAE

Depending on the company’s location, the process for a Free Zone or the mainland can be different. Below is a general overview of the liquidation process – 

  • Corporate Statement – An explanation of the licence cancellation should be included in a corporation statement.
  • Obtain Clearance: Make sure that all required clearances are acquired from the relevant authority, which could be a bank, telecommunications firm, free zone, or Emirates Post.
  • Employee Clearance – To complete the request for licence cancellation, the employees’ visas must be revoked, and any unpaid bills must be paid in full.
  • Unpaid Supplier Dues – Create the audit report once all outstanding supplier payments have been paid.
  • Newspaper Ad – Two daily newspapers in the area must print the advertisement for forty-five days, one of which must be in Arabic.
  • Memorandum of Association – It is necessary to terminate the company’s Memorandum of Association with the jurisdiction in which the business is being performed.
  • Certificate of Licence Cancellation – The authority will issue a certificate of licence cancellation attesting to the liquidation and cancellation of the licence after receiving and reviewing all supporting documentation.

Why Choose Us?

As a licenced liquidator in the United Arab Emirates, VAT Accounting is knowledgeable about all the legal criteria that need to be fulfilled when a business closes. In accordance with the Department of Economic Development, we have successfully managed the liquidation of the enterprises and created the liquidation report while attending to all the necessary procedures. VAT Accounting aims to make the process convenient for the already-stressed-out corporation, even though there is no specific time limit for the process through the company liquidation services in Dubai. VAT Accounting has considerable experience managing the liquidation process with complete ease and can quickly greatly simplify the process for you. Legal procedures and compliance can be a headache for a company going through liquidation. We will walk you through every step of the company’s liquidation process. You should get assistance from any of the best liquidators in the UAE as you are not an expert in liquidation. VAT Accounting, a prominent liquidation firm in Dubai, offers the best company liquidation services in UAE.


Depending on the size and complexity of the business, it can cost you around AED 8000 – AED 15000.

The company’s assets cover the cost of the liquidator fee. If the assets fall short of paying the fees, the shareholders and directors must pay the fee. 

The value of liquidation is estimated for plants, fixtures, real estate, inventory, and machinery owned by the firm. You can calculate the liquidation value by subtracting the company’s liabilities from its assets.

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