On the off chance that you are working together in GCC, Value Added Tax (VAT) will affect the greater part of your business exchanges as and when it will be actualized. In UAE from first January 2018, VAT will be actualized. This implies there could be possibly a huge VAT affect on your business.

The VAT Impact Assessment Services gave by VAU Consulting incorporates evaluation of VAT effect on all your business exchanges’ touch-focuses. This will incorporate VAT Impact Assessment in the accompanying zones:

  • VAT Impact on Sales Transactions
  • VAT Impact on Purchase Transactions
  • VAT Impact on Imports
  • VAT Impact on Exports
  • VAT Impact on Real Estate Transactions
  • VAT Impact on Capital Assets
  • VAT Impact on incompletely absolved business exercises
  • VAT affect on your long haul contracts

The VAT affects evaluation administrations not just give you a potential money related VAT affect on your business yet, in addition, a guide to proficient and successful VAT execution.

This would likewise give a chance to your staff to get prepared for key VAT Impact territories. We have prepared more than 270 experts who are presently ready to freely deal with VAT tasks for their organizations.

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