Audit Firms in Dubai

Aim Storm Solution’s audit and assurance department will provide the services, expertise, and knowledge necessary to ensure that any business can be successful in light of constantly changing national and international tax laws.  Our staff provides the following financial services:  financial statement audit, internal audit, management audit, operational audit, and due diligence audit. And we are best Audit Firms in Dubai.

Financial statement Audit Firms in Dubai seeks to offer an independent analysis and valuation of the financial statements that our clients prepare.  Internal audit is an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity which is designed to develop business operations, and add value to it.  Internal auditing is instrumental in helping a business achieve its objectives by bringing a methodical, meticulous, and disciplined approach to its functions to ensure that its risk management and governance processes are effective.  A management Audit Firms in Dubai. is a measurement and reporting of the effectiveness and results of business procedures.  These audits are performed internally and check to see if procedures have their intended effectiveness.  They seek to rectify those procedures that are not effective.  These audits challenge the assumptions and goals of existing procedures with the main objective being on improving efficiency.

Operational audits are a formal evaluation of the organization’s internal systems and procedures.  It is made in at least four major steps and tests the effectiveness and efficiency of existing production systems.  This is important because these ultimately enhance revenue and profits.  Operational audits are also instrumental in revealing ethical issues in a business.  Due diligence audits are an examination of business operations which are conducted before management signs a particular contract or acts with a certain standard of care.


Strata Auditing

Strata auditing applies to people living in a subdivision, a condominium, or a unit which is part of an association referred to as an Owner’s Association.  This organization exists for the sole purpose of maintaining and preserving the houses and properties in their control and managing and administering them on the owners’ behalf.  The owner’s associations provide services to maintain and preserve these houses and properties, they impose fines on delinquent homeowners, they ensure security, enforce rules, and interact with authorities regarding legal issues.

Aim Storm Solutions offers its clients strata auditing services for these owners associations to ensure that they are in compliance with the Real Estate Regulation Authority – known as RERA – in terms of rules, regulations, and requirements to ensure that their financial statements represent a fair record of the Owners Association assets and liabilities, equity, financial position, and results of operation.  Aim Storm Solution’s strata accounting team ensures that these components of the financial statements are in compliance with the accepted accounting principles and relevant legislation in the United Arab Emirates.

Clients prefer to work with our strata accounting team because of its known compliance with RERA and other Land Department rules and requirements, its legalization of their corporate accounting books and financial statements, its annual reports for the Owners Associations, its implementation of a company-accepted accounting system, its implementation of a company accepted system of internal controls, and its accurate financial and accounting reporting.

Our team offers revenue and audit services which affect the revenue and expenses of the Owners Association, budgeting for the owners association, and financial statements for the owners association.